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My take on “The Bell Jar”

“The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath was a sad and heart-felt story to read. Despite the fact that Esther is a smart and talented women, she was never able to find her place in society because she hated the thought of being a wife. In the 1950s, women lived a certain way. They were supposed to fulfill certain roles, such as being a caring mother, a diligent homemaker, and an obedient wife. The perfect mother was supposed to stay home and nurture so society would accept them. Unfortunately, that’s what Esther hated the most, her relocation transformed her in to someone who was scared of living and being around others because no one accepted her life style.

There are so many people who get confused and don’t know what to do when they live their homes, this is why this is my favorite book that I read in my English class. The Bell Jar is a true life story that is told by one person but, it shares with many others. It was depressing to read it, but life does gets depressing and you how to deal with it. There is no escapee from it. When I moved to USA, I felt lonely just like Esther did. I couldn’t talk to any one and I didn’t want to be around other kids of my age because I thought they would make fun of me because I wasn’t able to communicate with them. I didn’t speak English.

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